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Chris Obrien Lifehouse

Not-For-Profits Supporting Not-For-Profits

The Metropolitan Orchestra (TMO) are proud to support the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse as our preferred health charity of choice. We believe that music can make a huge difference to others far less fortunate. In addition to a percentage of revenue received from VIP concert ticket sales, TMO also provide a range of benefits including free tickets for hospital patients to TMO produced concerts in addition to TMO musicians performing within the hospital for the pleasure of patients, visitors and staff.

“For many years I have been a patient at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. So when we decided that we wanted to use our music to support a health charity, this proved to be a stand-out opportunity. My personal experiences with Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, along with what I have seen them achieve made our choice easy. There is so much in common with their mission and that of The Metropolitan Orchestra that we seem like a perfect fit,” said Sarah-Grace Williams, TMO Artistic Director & Chief Conductor.

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is a not-for-profit, comprehensive cancer hospital specialising in care from screening and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and wellness, including the most rare and complex cases.

“It is with pleasure that Chris O’Brien Lifehouse embarks on a new relationship with The Metropolitan Orchestra. We are thrilled to be able to offer our patients and their families access to the wonderful musical experiences that TMO provides, and we look forward to exploring the synergies between our organisations, including community, family, accessibility and music as a form of healing,” said Gail O’Brien AO, Board Member & Patient Advocate.

TMO firmly believes that music can make a huge difference to people who are experiencing difficult circumstances and looks forward to being a part of the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse journey in 2019.

“Even though we are a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation, we felt it fundamental to find ways where we can support others within our limited means. TMO will be donating a proportion of VIP Ticket and Subscription sales through 2019, along with our depth of talent to provide musical opportunities to patients and the very busy staff at this outstanding centre. Throughout the year, we will work with Chris O’Brien Lifehouse to seek creative ways where we can support this wonderful charity,” said TMO Managing Director, Bevan Rigato.

For more information on the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, visit their webpage.