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Partners & Supporters

Making great music accessible to more people would be impossible without our committed partner organisations and the valued support of many individuals. We thank you all for your financial and in-kind support and very much appreciate your dedication to making great music available to more people.

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Government Partners

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Enterprise Partners


TMO Junior Education Partners


Philanthropic Supporters

We sincerely thank all of those individuals and corporations who have made financial donations.  Without your support, the music would not go on.

Financial Support $10,000 and above

Wilson Asset Management


Financial Support $5,000 – $9,999

Natasha Meinertzhagen

Financial Support up to $1,999

Lady P Harrison, Carole A P Grace, Dr W V Benz, Max Tomassetti, Diane De Souza, Sarajane Hansen, Joseph & Maureen Malouf, Kevin J Vaughan, David Cole, Tina Brain, Greg Brunner, Alina Gollner, Natasha Talmacs, Sarah-Grace Williams, Bevan Rigato, Victoria Jacono, Franca Italia, Rex Pepper, Ivanna Bondarchuk, Naomi Warr, Kathryn T Ramsay, Laura Piplica, Maryana Sywak, Mark Szeto, David Dai, Colin Stephenson, Steve Meyer, Susan Musumeci, Lyn Casey

Media Partners


Daniel Bunting Sound Engineer

Friends For Life

Steve Lloyd

Guy Noble

Volunteers, Supporters & Friends

Amanda Drury, Charlotte Drury, Joseph Malouf, Gabriella Torta, Carol Davis, Karen Anson, Jessica Botha, Rebecca Botha, Edward Happer, Almitra Mavalvala, Jasmine Mills, Olivia Morberger, Natalia Ng, Andrew O’Connor, Patricia Santoso, Jessica Suann, Maddie Wilson, Jayden Wu, Mikaela Wu