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Corporate Partnerships

All Corporate Partnerships are completely customised in close consultation with each partner organisation to match their needs and desires. Benefits are many and varied to include a flexible composition to match corporate objectives including helping brands engage with our desirable audiences of music lovers, VIP ticketing and special dress rehearsal access, corporate presentations from our conductor and selected principal players, plus access to unique tailored hospitality opportunities featuring TMO musicians. We would be pleased to customise a partnership to fulfil your marketing, promotion, and client entertaining objectives in line with the specific needs and goals of your organisation.

Below are some corporate partnership options to help you clarify your fabulous potential new relationship with The Metropolitan Orchestra. We can also customise a specific partnership type to suit your needs.

Principal Partner

As the premier partnership opportunity available with The Metropolitan Orchestra, this longer-term relationship will not only reveal our partner’s significant commitment to the Arts, but their commitment and desire to see exceptional music being made more accessible to more audience members while supporting TMO’s mission of improving career sustainability for our many skilled musicians.

This is an active partnership which is designed to not only support TMO’s infrastructure and sustainability needs, but form the pillars on which TMO will grow to become one of Australia’s leading privately non-state funded orchestras.

Benefits of Principal Partnerships are established in close consultation with the partner company to deliver on their defined goals and mission requirements. It is a relationship of commitment, sustainability and continued development.

Presenting Partner

Annual Presenting Partnerships can support the entire TMO produced concert series, or choose a specific concert series to support. These include:

1) Presenting Partner for TMO’s mainstage Met Concert Series

2) Presenting Partner for the Family Cushion Concert Series

3) Presenting Partner for the Chamber Festival weekend 

In addition to a range of other customised benefits, Presenting Partners will be recognised in a variety of mediums for every performance in their supported series over the entire year.

Performance Partner

Those organisations who have chosen to support (either via a generous financial donation or in-kind support) to assist in the delivery of a specific TMO produced performance.

Performance Partnerships mean different things to different companies, and as such will contain different benefits. These partnerships will be customised to suit the needs of your organisation.

Enterprise Partner

Those highly valued organisations who provide either in-kind or financial support on an ongoing basis to assist with TMO’s day-to-day operations including management and administration, infrastructure and general operations to support the ongoing sustainability of our company.

The Metropolitan Orchestra will work with your organisation to create a relationship which will not only be greatly valued by TMO, but also will be highly beneficial to your business.

Media Partner

Media companies that are actively working with The Metropolitan Orchestra to spread the word about what we are doing to help us reach a greater audience.

Want To Know More?

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Let’s work together to create the perfect relationship that will deliver on your partnership needs.

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