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Personal Partnerships

Personal Partnerships detail the different levels of individual partnership opportunity, including both financial and in-kind services support. Our partner categories for individual and philanthropic support are detailed within in each category.

If you’d like to become a personal or philanthropic supporter of The Metropolitan Orchestra with either financial support, or in-kind support and assistance, please contact us today. We’d very much look forward to having a chat.

Philanthropic Partner

Wonderful financial supporters who have donated to support TMO. These personal supporters have donated in excess of $2,000.

Contact us today for more information on becoming a Philanthropic Partner.

TMO Friends

Those incredibly generous people who have either donated financially or voluntarily given their time and dedication in supporting TMO either in concert or with voluntary business or other services. For a list of TMO Friends, please click here.

TMO Friends offer voluntary support or financial donations up to a value of $1,999.

Contact us today for more information on becoming a TMO Friend and donating either financial support or becoming one of our volunteers, or even offering professional in-kind services.

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