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Kingdom Hearts Orchestra – World of Tres

With TMO

Event Date: 8pm Sat 19th October
Venue: Sydney Town Hall

Celebrating the launch of KINGDOM HEARTS III at the end of January 2019, KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra concert series is back on tour with a brand new program, KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World of Tres starting the global tour on April 27 with 22 performances in 17 cities over the world. Acclaimed by more than 80,000 spectators over the past two years, it will enchant even more people with its unforgettable score and new thrilling video sequences in an unprecedented experience that is not to be missed. With giant screen video projection in perfect harmony with music performed by The Metropolitan Orchestra in Sydney along with a choir of more than 100 musicians, the show will continue to bring passion to the millions of fans of the long-running video game series.


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