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SARAH-GRACE WILLIAMS, Artistic Director & Chief Conductor

Welcome to 2020, a year of change and growth for The Metropolitan Orchestra (TMO), with new venues for our mainstage Met Concert series, a new Chamber Concert series and three world premieres.

The 2020 Met Concert series will take audiences on a musical journey that explores some of the greatest repertoire ever written with works by Beethoven, Mozart, Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Vaughan Williams, Bartok, Borodin and Shostakovich, alongside premieres by Australian composers Keyna Wilkins and Mark John McEncroe. We are proud that this concert series will continue to champion exceptional local soloists.

TMO will also expand its musical offerings with a delightful new Chamber Concert series delivered at intimate and accessible local venues. Our renowned Cushion Concert series will continue to showcase family favourites while also featuring another world premiere show written by Australian composer Adrian Hallam, one of our own musicians. TMO will continue to appear for various special events throughout the year (watch our website for details) including a seventh year onboard Bravo Cruise of the Performing Arts, where we will share the stage with some of the world’s greatest performers sailing the Pacific Ocean. We look forward to every moment of our exciting new musical journey in 2020 and hope that you will be able to join us.

BEVAN RIGATO, Managing Director

The Metropolitan Orchestra (TMO) has performed over 500 concerts delivered both locally and internationally.  During that time we have been fortunate to have performed alongside some of the world’s greatest artists. In 2020, TMO will begin it’s phenomenal twelth concert season where we will continue discovering new and exciting ways to make first class classical music even more accessible to more Australians, while breaking down the barriers to our important artform.  All of what we do, is designed to increase the awareness of live classical music as a viable and accessible entertainment option for a wider range of people. Our move to new venues plus a new series and four world premieres in 2020 is a positive step toward helping our orchestra to continue delivering on our mission.

HON. DON HARWIN MLC, NSW Minister for the Arts

I am thrilled to welcome you to The Metropolitan Orchestra’s 2020 season – a new season of storytelling through music. Every piece, every musician, every instrument has a story that brings the heart and soul to their performances. From the Classical Dreamtime to family-friendly Cushion Concerts, The Metropolitan Orchestra is truly offering a full menu of storytelling and experiences for everyone. Orchestras are a statement about what is possible when we come together to create intangible forms of art. They inspire, educate, and promote the development of individual, group, cultural and national identities. The Metropolitan Orchestra has been achieving this since its formation in 2009, showcasing local conductors, musicians and composers. In 2020, I hope you will join me in experiencing the power of live orchestral music with The Metropolitan Orchestra.