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At The Metropolitan Orchestra, we refer to those who sponsor anything we do as partners. This is because we prefer that if possible, each sponsor we engage with becomes interactive in joining our journey to deliver exceptional music to a greater variety of people, while giving our exceptional musical talent more professional opportunities to perform. By being more engaged, both TMO and our partners have a greater chance of achieving far more from their relationship with TMO than just donating money or in-kind services.

Each partner is encouraged to engage at a level where they are comfortable. We accept that all are different and greatly appreciate every business and individual that has so generously supported our charity.

Your support will make a real difference to TMO’s future – what a proud thing to know and be a part of.

The Metropolitan Orchestra (ABN 85 176 528 183) is a registered charity and the fund it operates is listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations. As such, your gift of $2 or more is fully tax deductible.

There are two key avenues of partnership being either Corporate Partnerships or Personal Partnerships. Contact us if you’d like to discuss any potential partnership or support with TMO going forward.

Why You Should Get Behind TMO

Classical and orchestral music is a culturally and internationally significant art form which is prevalent in all the advanced cities of the world. Many would argue that the accessibility to high-quality art is a distinguishing factor of well developed and functional cities and societies. We believe there is a big gap in the access to this vitally important art form in Sydney that places our city significantly behind other culturally advanced cities of the world.

TMO plan to address this gap with the following 6 point Accessible Music Plan:

1. Accessibility: Continue to break down the barriers to high quality classical music.

2. Opportunity: Provide performance opportunities for passionate musicians at the highest levels.

3. New Work: Develop, promote and perform new Australian works.

4. Edutainment: (Education/Entertainment) Bring TMO touring professionals into schools to give insight on musicianship and performance.

5. Regional: Find ways to present the finest classical music at regional centres.

6. Indigenous: Engage young Indigenous performers and classical music professionals.